Collection: Operable walls

These extra large wall dividers is available in lengths up to 19'2", and by mounting two units upon two opposing walls, this system can divide spaces up to 39'. The unique hinge design ensures an ease of use even on slightly uneven floors, making the Operable Wall easy to open and close. A unique, flexible hinge system provides slight vertical movement for each panel, allowing the divider to traverse uneven flooring with ease. Our durable, rolling casters provide 2.5" ground clearance making this one of the easiest collapsible room dividers to operate.

Hire or Renting your Panels

Why Hiring Dividers and Partitions is Cost-Effective

When managing a dynamic workspace, event, or exhibition, flexibility and cost-effectiveness are crucial. Hiring dividers and partitions offers several financial advantages over purchasing outright, making it an attractive option for many businesses and organisations.

Initial Cost Savings
Hiring dividers and partitions eliminates the significant upfront costs associated with purchasing. This is particularly beneficial for small businesses, startups, or temporary projects with tight budgets. By hiring, you only pay for the duration you need the partitions, allowing you to allocate your capital more efficiently to other pressing needs.

Maintenance and Storage Savings
Owning dividers and partitions comes with ongoing costs such as maintenance, repair, and storage. When you hire these items, the rental company typically covers maintenance and repairs, ensuring that the partitions remain in optimal condition throughout your usage period. Additionally, you avoid the need for storage space when the partitions are not in use, which can save on rental costs and reduce the hassle of managing storage logistics.

Flexibility and Scalability
Hiring allows you to scale your partitioning solutions up or down based on your current needs. Whether you're hosting a one-off event or dealing with fluctuating office space requirements, hiring provides the flexibility to adjust your setup without being locked into a permanent arrangement. This adaptability is particularly useful for businesses that experience seasonal changes in demand or need to reconfigure their spaces frequently.

Access to the Latest Products
The partition and divider industry continually evolves, with new designs and technologies emerging regularly. By hiring, you gain access to the latest products and innovations without the need for continuous investment. Rental companies often update their inventories, ensuring you can select from modern, high-quality options that enhance your space's functionality and aesthetics.

Differences in Types of Panel and Divider Hire

The dividers and panels available for hire come in various styles, constructions, and applications. Understanding these differences helps you select the best options for your specific needs.

Exhibitions Display Panels
Appearance and Construction:
Our Exhibition Display panels are typically sleek, with a professional finish suitable for showcasing information or artwork. They come in neutral colours such as light grey, navy blue and black to ensure the focus remains on the displayed content. Constructed from lightweight frameless yet sturdy materials, they are easy to set up and reposition.

These panels are ideal for exhibitions, trade shows, and small expos where visual communication is key. They can be used to create Exhibition boothsm shell schemes and can display graphics, logos, posters, information sheets, or artwork in a professional and organised manner.

Space & Room Dividers/Seperators

Appearance and Construction:
Space division is a big area of growth with differing disciplines and functions taking place in the same area. So dividers come in various styles, from modern and minimalist designs to more traditional or decorative options. Our Dividers ate made with a lightweight yet sturdy Aluminium frame with lightweight inner and covered in fabric or we do a Poly Carbonate insert with lets light through, whilst obscuring details. These can be freestanding and also mounted using our Posts an feet

These dividers are versatile and used in offices, classrooms, warehouses and events to create separate areas within a larger space. They provide privacy, reduce noise, and can be used to manage foot traffic effectively.

Cubicle Partitions

Appearance and Construction:
Cubicle partitions are designed to be functional and efficient, often with a simple, modular design. They are typically made from materials such as fabric-covered panels, with polycarbonate extra tops, with an aluminium structure providing a balance of privacy and openness.

Commonly used in office environments to create individual workspaces, cubicle partitions help optimise space utilisation and promote productivity by reducing distractions.

Exhibition Dividers

Appearance and Construction:
Exhibition dividers are usually more robust and can support various display elements. They are designed to be easy to assemble and disassemble, often with modular components that allow for custom configurations.

Ideal for trade shows, exhibitions, and temporary displays, these dividers help create distinct areas for different exhibitors or activities. They provide a professional backdrop and can be branded or customised to enhance the visual appeal of the exhibition space.

Main Areas of Use for Display Panels, Dividers, and Exhibition Dividers in the UK Industry

Office Environments
In office settings, dividers and partitions play a crucial role in creating functional and efficient workspaces. They are used to:

- Create private workstations or meeting areas within open-plan offices.
- Reduce noise and increase privacy for employees.
- Provide flexible space management solutions that can adapt to changing needs.

Educational Institutions
Schools, colleges, and universities utilise dividers and partitions to enhance their learning environments. Key uses include:

- Creating temporary classrooms or study areas.
- Displaying educational materials and student work.
- Managing space for events like open days, exhibitions, and exams.

Healthcare Facilities
In hospitals and clinics, partitions are essential for maintaining patient privacy and safety. They are used to:

- Create temporary treatment areas or isolation zones.
- Provide privacy in shared wards.
- Organise waiting areas and administrative spaces.

Events and Exhibitions
For events and exhibitions, dividers and partitions are indispensable for:

- Creating exhibitor booths and display areas.
- Managing crowd flow and providing wayfinding solutions.
- Enhancing the overall aesthetics of the event space.

Retail Spaces
Retailers use partitions and dividers to improve the shopping experience by:

- Creating changing rooms or private consultation areas.
- Organising product displays and promotional areas.
- Managing customer flow and creating separate sections within the store.


Hiring dividers and partitions is a cost-effective and flexible solution for a wide range of applications. From initial cost savings and reduced maintenance burdens to access to the latest designs and technologies, the benefits are substantial. Understanding the different types of panels and dividers available, along with their specific uses, can help you make informed decisions that enhance your space's functionality and aesthetics. Whether for office environments, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, events, exhibitions, or retail spaces, the right dividers and partitions can transform your space efficiently and effectively.