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VERSARE-Sliding-QuickWall - Wall Mounted

VERSARE-Sliding-QuickWall - Wall Mounted

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Our 3-panel QuickWall partitions are perfect impromptu space dividers for creating quick privacy in any area. This wall-mounted, sliding version uses our special telescoping hinges to keep the panels in a straight line every time, regardless of length. Covering a length of 7', this portable partition is available in heights of 5'10", 6'8", and 7'4". The wall mount adds greater stability and ease of use for semi-permanent situations, such as office workstation dividers or classroom study area doors. Panels are available in fabric and polycarbonate options.

This made-in-the-USA divider uses a pushpin-accepting, sound-dampening acoustical surface for posting signage or other documents.  The elegant, extruded aluminum frame provides greater durability and lighter weight than commonly found steel dividers on the market.  Each aluminium panel frame is joined through a unique cast aluminum corner joint providing superior strength and functionality. The UHMW slides with aluminium covers allow for years of smooth operation.

Use the QuickWall as a portable privacy screen for applications such as nursing stations, vaccination areas, impromptu meeting or testing areas, and more. Perfect for instant use as a folding wall in apartments, homes, schools, and offices, the QuickWall partition is the ultimate affordable privacy wall.

Ships fully assembled. For a folding accordion-style version of this room divider, check out our Wall-Mounted QuickWall Folding Partition

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