Also a part of the Dividers-Cubicles-Partitions Group...

Display Cabinets Direct (DCD)

We have been selling glass display cabinets and counters for over 15 years. We have forged links with manufacturers in the UK and Europe to provide a range of counters for our customers.

As well as the many ranges of cabinets which you will find on the website we also offer a bespoke cabinet making service.


POD Exhibition Systems

We have many years experience in providing portable exhibition equipment. From a simple single banner stand to fabric backwalls to larger stands based around gantry system, we offer a large range of indoor and outdoor display equipment. We can also incorporate the blocks into exhibitions as they are great at drawing the eye.


Everblocks UK

EverBlock was founded by a US entrepreneur, specifically to help individuals and companies build all types of customized objects using a universal building block system. We are proud to be the UK representitive for Everblocks and ourselves love the idea of an Everblock desk becoming a wall one day and then a chair the next, we love the modularity it offers as well as the faint nostalgia of lego when creating designs with the product itself.


Everpanel UK

Everpanels, like Everblocks originate with Arnon Rosan in the US, but are significantly different from the blocks themselves. Imagine quickly delineating spaces for outdoor events, creating backdrops for outdoor festivals and fairs or building outdoor retail kiosks in minutes. EverPanel is durable and weather resistant and may be submerged in water. When properly stabilised, EverPanel is suitable for all types of climates and conditions.


Everblock Flooring

Mr. Rosan’s flooring designs have been used at prominent events such as at multiple Olympics, Commonwealth Games, PGA Tournaments and at thousands of concerts worldwide. The EverBlock Flooring tiles are a line of modular portable interlocking flooring modules that will meet any need. From dance floors, to tent flooring and from stadium flooring to exhibit flooring, EverBlock has an interlocking flooring system for your specific application that will meet your requirements.