Yes, We Do Build A Better Room Divider!

We build and sell the Versare range of superior quality room dividers, cubicle partitions, sound panels, and privacy screens — all at fair prices. We take great pride in our portable space-saving products, such as our popular Room Divider 360, which offers greater stability, durability, and arrangement flexibility than any other partition on the market. The challenges of workplace and office designs are not easy to navigate, but we will always have a solution for you!


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  • Our owner saw the divider at Sky Zone Springfield and directed all other locations under their ownership to purchase one.

    Derek Shortway - General Manager
  • Our bands are loving the acoustic benefits and the dance groups love the fact that they can separate the room for rehearsals. We have used the temporary wall in a variety of ways so far, including as a display board for our 60th Celebration materials.

    Jane Williams, Deputy Principal - Collaroy Plateau Public School
  • We wanted to touch base regarding the panels - everything has arrived and look great!

    Jennifer J - North Allegheny High School
  • The Hush Panel was able to give my agents a more private office feel, while still keeping our floor plan intact. You were able to plan, design and execute exactly what we envisioned to uphold our office environment.

    M Rodriguez - Barrood Aency
  • We are very happy with the service you provided and would like to use you for future locations. Thank you for all your help and patience and understanding with this, you have been amazing!

    Patricia D - Luv 2 Play
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