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VERSARE - Hush Panels - 4ft (1.2m) High

VERSARE - Hush Panels - 4ft (1.2m) High

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Our Hush panel modern office workstation panels offer modular construction to create custom office cubicles and walling for any room, office or space.

A choice of sound dampening fabric finishes along side plain or printed panels enable you to create instant modern office cubicle that offer privacy and functionality.

Our polycarbonate top panels offer privacy with connection to other office areas whilst allowing light to travel through to create an well lit desk, cubicle or workstation.

The Hush Panels are a toolless, fully-customizable, modern office workstation solution that provides unlimited possibilities for designing and constructing work areas. Our thick, 2" wide, fabric-covered panels are lightweight, durable, sound-dampening and tackable. With the Hush Panel partition system, you're only limited by your imagination. Get started today, and let this amazing system grow with your organization!

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