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The ClearView Countertop Sneeze Shield has been created to provide comfort and relief for employees and their customers by helping to prevent the spread of disease during direct interaction in close proximity. This product is available in two styles; a lower opening for the transfer of small items, or a framed opening for larger point of sale items.

The ClearView Countertop Sneeze Shield is our smallest and lightest barrier option. At only 23" w x 32" h or 33" w x 29" h it fits in smaller spaces to assure your employees and customers that you have taken the steps to prevent the direct physical and airborne spread of germs. The clear polycarbonate panel allows items to be scanned at checkout through the screen, preventing the physical contact needed to transfer products. The credit card terminal can be placed on the customer’s side of the partition while keeping the register on the employee’s side, providing additional safety. An opening at the bottom of the partition allows for the transfer of small items, papers, or payment for transactions. The open lower window measures 6" high. Easy to clean with any common disinfectant, this partition is also lightweight, and portable, making it versatile and easy to store. Versare has other countertop divider solutions that can be easily integrated into your store, business or place of work.

The ClearView Countertop Sneeze Shield is perfect for:

Grocery Stores
Convenience Stores
Hospitals / Clinics
Reception / Front Desk
Retail POS

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