Office Partitions, Dividers & Protection Screens

Quickly divide open spaces in the workplace in a matter of minutes with our modular office partitions.
Choose from our large and long, our soundproof and see through or our polycarbonate and fabric dividers.
Separate parts of the office where you want to keep things private or isolated.

Our largest divider the Operable Wall

If you have a super large space that you want to make into an efficient workspace but don't know how, why not try our operable walls that are sound dampening ensuring that noise doesnt travel easily and maintaining a more quiet environment.

The Operable Wall, extends and collapses in on itself, whenever you need the room to be divided simply pull out your Operable Wall and you can instantly half a space in seconds.


Custom Cubicles

Although the idea of having an open plan office may seem great in reality it can effect your workers abilities to properly focus. With all the extra visual and sound related distractions there is no quiet place where employees can go to have the proper work mindset.

However we are here to help, our Hush Panel Office Cubicle Kits are a great way to give your workers a place of their own to work efficiently with minimal distractions, and gives them the choice of wether they wish to work with others at the hub of the office or by themselves.


Desktop Separators

Help each employee to establish their own personal space to work at the office with our desktop dividers! Instead of using fitted reception desk glass partitions you want to find a temporary partition that provides the protection and comfort needed without the costly and timely installation process.

Our desktop products are super easy to set up in many different configurations with various shapes and sizes available. They also act as perfect sneeze guards and limit germs and bacteria from spreading to your working neighbour and are 100% wipeable and cleanable to keep the germs at bay in your place of work.


Need Help?

Don't hesitate to ask us any questions you may have about our products, customisation of your divider or help in choosing the right partition for you.

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