Vaccination Stations: Why use our dividers?

Vaccination Stations: Why use our dividers?

With a light finally shining at the end of the tunnel, we are seeing the situation with COVID -19 improve with the help of vaccinations. Now that more and more people are getting vaccinated against covid, we also need more places for the public to go to receive their vaccines safely.

The Benefits Of Our Dividers
As mentioned we want to try our best to protect citizens, not only locally, but eventually nationwide and then worldwide. Im sure we would all be happy to not have to hear the word COVID -19 ever again, so using our dividers we can provide bacteria safe, sturdy and effective vaccination stations whenever and wherever you may need them. A vaccination effort of this scale will likely involve many types of vaccination sites, from hospitals and clinics to mobile, curbside, and drive-through sites, which will be an easy feat for our dividers to achieve.

How To Use Our Dividers/Partitions Effectively
Regarding set up of our products would depend on which ones you go for. The majority of our dividers are 100% modular and movable and are perfect for quick set up when it comes to mobile vaccination stations. Create rooms, new corridors and waiting areas to make sure that those who are and are not vaccinated are amply separated by means of social distancing. However if you decide to go for our Operable, or selected sliding/folding, dividers these are wall mounted and are best to be used for facilities that would benefit from our dividers in the long run. Despite being wall mounted they are still super easy to pull out and put away and clean well.

The Products Best For The Job
Our best selling divider, the Room Divider 360, is the obvious choice for most situations and is available in various colours as well as wipeable or sound absorbing materials. It would be the top choice for those who wish to create vaccination stations that can be moved to various locations or be temporarily in action for a short amount of time. We also offer our Covid Cubicles that are absolutely perfect for vaccine areas and waiting areas. If none of these dividers suit your fancy feel free to check out our healthcare or room dividers collections to help you find the right fit.

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