Private Partitions for Peoples Prescriptions

Private Partitions for Peoples Prescriptions

With people taking more precautions now with their health, and also our way of life have been radically adapted because of the pandemic, more care has gone into protecting our health and how we interact with each other.

Waiting rooms and consultation rooms have needed to be changed to suit our new way of life, but many struggle with where to start. You have to consider the space, the cost and the patients well-being when reconfiguring your space. With all that to think about, its hard to find the right solution.

Well look no further, our Medical Privacy Screens are the perfect way to go when you need to divide your space quickly yet efficiently. 

What are Medical Privacy Screens?

Medical Privacy Screens are partitions that are a must have if you are planning on dividing a space within the medical industry, they can help to keep patients and clients spaced out and separated to prevent any cross contamination. They also provide the needed space for those who require a more complex or private diagnosis to stop others from overhearing.

What are the benefits of having one of our high quality dividers?

 We pride ourselves on having high quality and fair priced dividers. They are extremely modular and reconfigurable with easy storage and quick set up. Our partitions are a really time saver when it comes to dividing a space that is already stretched as it is, our best selling dividers are slim and expandable making them easy to work with.

They also offer modularity on a whole other scale, one day it can divide a waiting area, the next day the same divider can be used to add extra privacy in a hospital patients room. They can be used anywhere, anytime for anything.

What is the best divider for your health practice?

Depending on what you need, we can adapt and change our dividers to your preferences. Want a divider that can create two rooms out of a big space, take a look at our Operable Walls. If you need something wipeable and easy to sanitize, we have the perfect thing, the Room Divider 360 Polycarbonate. Also, our economical partition, the MP10, is one of our cheapest partitions and can divide spaces just as well as any of our other partitions and is lighter too, however it isn't as customizable. For something clear and able to let light through we have our Clearview Room Dividers that are both see through and wipeable.

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