Endless Uses Of The Room Divider 360!

Endless Uses Of The Room Divider 360!

Our most popular and bestselling divider, the Room Divider 360, is our most qualified product to handle almost every situation in which you would need a mobile partition. With added benefits of adaptable colours and sizes, as well as many materials including fabric, clear, plain or printed and polycarbonate.

With the dividers 360° hinge it can rotate smoothly and makes this portable divider easy to use as well as providing extra arrangement versatility, and is more durable than most room dividers on the market. Our unique divider is the best at creating a small space within a large place due to its infinite arrangement possibilities. To create more closed off quiet areas with your divider why not choose our fabric divider 360, the noise-dampening acoustical fabric allows for a peaceful place away from the noise of general life. In the same way you can use your divider to encase storage to keep everything neat and organised and out of the way.

Open up your divider and your mind to limitless possibilities and uses for our dividers. Extend the length of the 360 to your needs with multiple dividers by joining them together using the provided velcro straps. Our portable room dividers are not only more cost-effective than permanent solutions, but can also be easily relocated, in case the room situation needs to change or a different arrangement is desired.

Half a room in minutes with the trusty Room Divider 360, it offers a convenient way to divide space without having a permanent wall. Each end of the Room Divider 360° uses full-sized panels which stay at a fixed 90° for added stability, the lightweight aluminium frame and low-profile casters provide enhanced sturdiness and durability compared to heavy steel dividers. But why stop there, create multiple rooms and spaces for the workplace, classrooms and medical practices. This is especially helpful in areas where there is limited availability in an area where space is particularly needed


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