Keeping it Hush with Versare Hush Panels

Keeping it Hush with Versare Hush Panels

You may be wondering. What are Hush Panels? 

What is their purpose?

A Hush Panels sole purpose is to reduce/dampen sound. Wherever you put it it will absorb any unnecessary noises or chatter to provide you with a peaceful environment. The more panels you have, the more sound that is reduced, and is absorbed into the honeycomb-like structure within the panels which also make them incredibly lightweight and easy to transport. Like all of our dividers the Hush Panels are also used for separating spaces as well as separating people, especially as during the pandemic has highlighted safety by keeping social and workplace distances.

Where can they be used?

We take pride in working with businesses, local authorities and homeowners who are looking for the optimal way to reduce the extra sound in their workspaces, offices or work areas, by providing an effective solution that can also be temporary and modular for future proofing spaces. They are perfect for creating cubicles and movable dividers in workplaces as well as offices and homes, helping to keep he environment quieter for optimal concentration enabling your workers to stay focused and concentrated.

Where can I find them?

If you want to find out more about Hush Panels: how they work, colours, prices and accessories you can visit the collections page on our website by clicking this link. HUSH PANEL CUBICLES  


What other sound dampening products are available?

If Hush Panels aren't enough? Well why not take a look at our other options for absorbing sound! The VersiPanel is one of our largest dividers and is great for creating a temporary sound booth by simply moving into a C shape, or for a more room divider option, make into an S shape (this also adds stability to the divider and prevents from falling over). To encourage hard work, as well as a cool decoration to spice up your office space, check out our hexagonal SoundSorb wall mounted panels. Create patterns and configurations to add life to your space while in the meantime being a practical solution for keeping yourself and others focused.

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