Desktop & Countertop Screens - The Uses, The Benefits, The Safety

Desktop & Countertop Screens - The Uses, The Benefits, The Safety

As the pandemic is slowly becoming a thing of the past, some of us are still taking precautions to protect those who aren't yet vaccinated or for those who choose not to be. With this in mind we have a great little product that is perfect for giving those at work or in shops a tad bit of extra safety and consideration given the situation.

These types of screens have been used many a time in the past to protect people as well as freshly prepared food from bacteria and other germs that can be spread through sneezing or coughing in general. Obviously in more recent times these types of barriers and screens have a greater significance to aid in the fight against COVID-19. Their new use - protecting employees and customers from the spread of germs at checkout counters and other customer service settings across the country.

They are already being used effectively in various medical clinics, pharmacies, big companies, and other essential businesses that have remained open even during the stay-at-home phase of the pandemic. As more and more businesses open these screens will continue to be essential part in protecting the health safety of the public as well as employees and customers all over.

For small dividers they definitely do so much in the grand scheme of things with regards to effectively preventing the spread of unwanted germs. Products like the Clearview Folding Countertop Screen are hinged and, as the name says.... Foldable. This enables the person behind the screen to have more than forefront protection but also to be concealed and to be protected from both sides, and is a great weapon to use in locations where numbers are still particularly high.

If you need safety precautions on a greater scale, we have a wide range of Portable Partitions and Dividers that are also equipped for keeping people safe.

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