Create your own DIY home office

Create your own DIY home office

Our Do It Yourself dividers are the first choice for anyone who is thinking of creating their own home office.

Due to the changes that Covid has brought on recently some of us have had to work from home. You want your own place away from the noise and chaos of the family where you can work peacefully, but without breaking the bank. Our dividers can be reused for multiple projects, so even when you are back in the office again it is still a worthy investment later on.

Custom Cubicles
Bring the feel of the office home with our customisable Hush Panels that can be configured into walls and cubicles (depending on how many you purchase) with the addition of windows, electrical cabling slots and a whiteboard insert. Best of all each panel is made of sound absorbing materials, the more you have, the more you can focus without access noise disturbing your work time.

However if you don't wish to create a whole cubicle, or you simply don't have the space, why not consider our WorkstationScreenThese lightweight, flexible privacy screens provide a low-cost way to create professional-looking office workstations in enclosed spaces, they are also self-supported so no additional hardware is required. 

If you need to create a whole new room altogether with functioning doors and furniture check out our Everblocks! They are 100% modular and moveable giant blocks, like lego they can be made into anything, anywhere, anytime.

Smaller ways to help make a home office
Even though a full on divider might be tempting, there are smaller ways to help dampen sound in your work area at home. Consider our wall mounted SoundSorb shapes, they can be mixed and matched to create stunning deigns that will not only look amazing but will also absorb sound and are made from 100% high-density polyester fibres and are extremely lightweight. The more you have the calmer your home office will be.

The simplest solution of them all is the Tri-fold Desktop Privacy Panels, that require no tools or assembling, simply place on your desk and you are good to go! Like the other suggestions given this product is sound absorbing/sound reducing, and even the smallest change can help you to work efficiently in the home environment.

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