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VERSARE-Clearview Freestanding Sliding Partition

VERSARE-Clearview Freestanding Sliding Partition

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The Sliding Partition is the ultimate affordable privacy partition for the Healthcare field.

Use the Sliding Partition as a portable privacy screen for applications such as nursing stations, portable clinic walls, vaccination areas, impromptu meeting or testing areas, and more. The durable polycarbonate plastic panels are easily cleaned, offering a clean, comfortable environment for patients and staff alike.

Available in Clear Fluted or Opal Fluted polycarbonate options, our panels provide two levels of translucency, allowing you to enjoy the privacy of a room divider while maintaining some visibility beyond the partition.

The Sliding Partition is a telescoping partition that expands up to 7' long. Choose from heights of 5'10", 6'8", and 7'4" (without wheels), or heights of 6', 6'10", and 7'6" with wheels. This portable partition uses our patented sliding wall mechanism, allowing each panel to glide open or closed in a telescoping fashion, maintaining a straight arrangement regardless of the length.

Creating an instant partition wall is a breeze with a Sliding Partition. These reasonably priced room dividers include top-of-the-line features such as lightweight aluminium frame construction and 3-year warranty. Each aluminium panel frame is joined through a unique cast aluminium corner joint providing superior strength and durability.

The Sliding Partition is perfect for:

- Pharmacies
- Grocery Stores
- Banks
- Convenience Stores
- Hospitals / Clinics
- Reception / Front Desk
- Retail POS


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