Hire and Rental of Divider Walls, Portable Screens and Roomdividers

Why Choose to Hire or Rent?

Sometimes you have a one-time project or application that would be ideal for our wall dividers but it doesn't make sense to go through the trouble of owning one. In situations like these, renting a few dividers might be a better choice.
We have 4 main types of partition avaiable for Hire:

Modular Wall Panels - POLYCARBONATE

Modular Wall Panels - GREY FABRIC

Portable Room Divider - LIGHT BLUE FABRIC

Exhibition Booth & Wall Panels - MID GREY/DARK BLUE

Delivery & Collection

All our above pricing excludes delivery & collection.
This is quoted on at time of quoattion and is heavily dependant on Location, Access, ime and size of project.