Pharmacies & Chemists


the benefits to a portable pharmacy partition

Space Adaptability

Many new pharmacies need more space, whether that be to store products, staff break rooms or a place to examine a customer in order to prescribe something. These amazing pharmacy partitions are great for dividing up the store to keep social distancing rules enforced and making safety the priority.

Our dividers truly are the best choice when it comes to separating spaces quickly, especially since permanent fixed spaces often limit store layouts and do not necessarily match the requirements of the space the store needs. 

Beyond Traditional Medical Services

As time goes on pharmacies are facing an increasing need to adapt their current store space to add in extra facilities. With pharmacies now needing to provide vaccinations on top of some already doing extra personal health services, space is tight.

So why not look at some of our dividers to see how we can utilize the space properly, we offer sound reducing, see through, fabric, polycarbonate and printed partitions as well as wall mounted, desktop and 360 dividers, a partition for every situation!           

A private consultation space can be created in a matter of seconds and can be packed away just as easily

Wide range of partition heights, lengths and colours are available to suit any requirement