The Folding Operable Wall

Wall Mounted Folding Walls are perfect for making large spaces feel smaller with the amount of distance one can cover alone. With top of the range 360 degree hinges the folding Operable Wall is easy to open and close with minimal effort and provides slight vertical movement for each panel, this allows the dividers to travel across uneven flooring with ease. Our durable, rolling casters provide 6cm ground clearance making them some of the easiest collapsible room dividers to operate and move.


The Sliding Operable Wall

Our Sliding Operable Wall is amazing when it comes to covering massive spaces. This wall-mounted, floor-based, sliding room divider is a perfect solution for spaces requiring up to 3.6m high maximum. The Operable Wall is also a low-cost alternative to expensive permanent walls that would take longer to build and are a pain to have to tear down again if in the future it is no longer needed. The Sliding Operable Wall is easy to open and close and the thick 5cm acoustical panels are perfect for dampening sound around the office.


The Sliding Straightwall

Our Wall Mounted StraightWall room divider features a fixed, full-sized panel on the end, which increases acoustical properties by trapping sound, and also creates a finished look when used as an entrance. Additionally, this feature eliminates the tripping hazard caused by the awkward metal U-frame design seen on other partition solutions.

Non-marking, low profile casters provide low clearance, meaning additional noise reduction and a lower centre of gravity. There are no loose parts to lose, and StraightWall ships fully assembled. The StraightWall has an elegant extruded aluminium frame which makes it strong yet lighter than partitions with steel frames.

Benefits of a Modular Wall

Looking to revamp the interior of your open office or building? Why not try the Operable Wall, available in Folding and Sliding systems, to create a conference room, meeting room or even just a space that can be transformed when needed by your staff. The wall-mounted, floor-based partition can cover spaces of up to 13.6m high and 5.8m long, with an option to connect two via opposing walls. Create break areas or more peaceful work stations by simply pulling out your operable wall to your desired length and fold away for easy storage.

Need a Bit of Help?

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