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Office Partitions, Dividers & Protection Screens

Quickly divide open spaces in the workplace in a matter of minutes with our partitions. Choose from our large and long, our soundproof and see through or our polycarbonate and fabric dividers.

Separate parts of the office where you want to keep things private or isolated like a break room. Our dividers can also enforce social distancing rules keeping everyone safe and putting employees health first while still being able to work.

Transform and renew empty spaces using portable room dividers

Why use partitions in an office space?

Although the idea of having an open plan office may seem great in reality it can effect your workers abilities to properly focus.

The big open space encourages discussion that isn't necessary for work hours. With all the extra visual and sound related distractions there is no quiet place where employees can go to have the proper work mindset. However we are here to help, if sound is the main issue we have our HushPanels that, when properly placed around the workplace, can reduce any extra noises and sounds to help keep a calm and quiet environment. Our Office Cubicle Kits are also a great way to give your workers a place of their own to work efficiently with minimal distractions, and gives them the choice of wether they wish to work with others at the hub of the office or by themselves.

Four main ways to divide an office

There are many ways to divide a space but with so many options to choose from here are a few ideas:

If you have a super large space that you want to make into an efficient workspace but don't knowhow, why not try our office cubicle kits so that each employee can have their own space to concentrate on work away from the distractions of others. Another option you can pick is an Operable Wall, this type of partition extends and collapses in on itself. Whenever you need the room parting simply pull out your Operable Wall and can instantly half a space. For a smaller divider what about our Desktop Partitions, they easily fit on top of desks and are see through to let light pass through as well as being safe for the workers.

Keep the most important thing safe - the people

“Having everyone collaborating and working in one space wouldn’t have been possible before this solution”
Cam Kahler – Chief Revenue Officer at Flare HR