Industrial Partitions


Barricades for Public Transportation

In places where large crowds are imminent organisiation is needed to prevent chaos from breaking out, thats where our industrial partitions come in.

Unsafe areas, such as construction zones or broken escalators, need to be blocked off. As mentioned, large crowds need to be contained and directed especially in payment lines or areas where passengers wait for subways or buses. You can also use our industrial partitions to keep outdoor parking areas safe for the people and for the cars.

Easy and Durable

Built Like No Other

Our portable security barricades are strong and sturdy and are designed to last a long time. They are perfect for the more serious stuff like wet floors that need a bit more precaution than fabric or polycarbonate dividers. They’re so lightweight and easy to use, they’re great for quick deployment in emergencies and come in bright recognisable colours so that they are easy to see.

Barricades for Retail Security

If theres a space where security is key why not use our Lock 'N' Block product to create a suitable barricade and keeping security a high priority. But if you are looking for something bigger how about our Wall Mounded Security Fence being 6' tall and 36' wide, despite the size it is actually surprisingly lightweight and modular. We also have The Protector option that is especially good for surrounding spills and warning others to keep away.

School Security on Lock

When you need to add crowd control to an event our barricades are truly the best choice, they get the job done with as little hassle as possible, as well as being easy to set up and take down. Whether it an event, indoors or outdoors we can help! For concerts and festivals why not set up press pits by blocking off the stage in front of the stage for more secure concerts and rock-n-roll with the Block-N-Roll. 

Solid Room Dividers

Our portable polycarbonate room partitions can help when you need things to be out of sight and out of reach.  With lots of colours and materials to choose from whether that be a soundproof divider, an extra sturdy divider, a see through divider, fabric or polycarbonate. We also have many colours and sizes to fit the space you want to divide, the colour options for polycarbonate partitions are semi-translucent providing a level of privacy while still allowing light to filter through which minimizes contact for distancing is not feasible and are perfect for production floors, airports, malls, stadiums and many other crowded areas that are in need of directing traffic for large amounts of people.