Health Protection- Safety First

Helps to separate patients in medical practices who, in the past, may have crossed paths

Keeping the people safe

What are Medical Privacy Screens?

As we all know there has been an increase in demand for hospital room dividers. We have addressed these new health/safety rules by use of our dividers such as the Clearview 360 and Polycarbonate 360 which both allow transparency and light to pass through.

Medical privacy screen room dividers are essential nowadays to medical units as they provide patients with a secure area, enhancing overall sanitation with the current worldwide situation going on. Hospital privacy screens also allow doctors and clinicians the privacy and comfort to tend to their patients without prying eyes. 

Benefits of Medical Partitions

Mobile medical room dividers offer many benefits that provide patients with a space that feels relaxed when being attended to by medical staff. A hospital room divider can shelter the patient and medical personnel from unwanted attention and distractions, allowing for free communication.

With the right help and the right medical partition installed, staff is less prone to normal errors, and patients can get the security they need to feel safe about talking about their medical needs. As a result, the medical facility’s customer experience is enhanced overall with the portable nature of a medical divider making it an excellent addition.

Hospital Room Dividers and Health Protection

Because of COVID-19 things have changed significantly in how we live our day to day lives. This is why we, along with many others, have decided to design medical room dividers to maximize the constraints in the medical field. Made from dependable materials like polycarbonate and clear plastics they are easy to clean and sanitize with a mild detergent and a non-abrasive sponge. Our medical privacy screens come in various shapes extending from full-sized end units that provide enhanced stability to individual countertop sneeze guards designed to prevent unwanted contact while at your desk.