Custom Printed Room Dividers

Personalise your Room Dividers with your own custom print! We can print your logo, landscapes, messages, signage and any graphics you require on one or both sides of the divider. A repeating pattern on each panel is popular or you can create a design that stretches the full length of the divider!

Introducing the Plain or Printed Room Divider 360

Most portable partitions can be completely customised to create eye-catching partitions and divider screens. With the 360, you can introduce your own graphic design to create truly unique portable room dividers. (Or we can help you design what you need at an extra design cost) These are fantastic for creating temporary spaces such as in offices, schools, nurseries, retails shops, offices or hospitals where the area is often dynamic and changing.


Custom For You

With DCP's printed Room Dividers, you have complete control over the design and can adjust it to make it to exactly suit your environment. Our panels are lightweight and simply link together, so you can set your partition screens up in seconds.

The portable design is suitable easy movability, to ensure you can effectively divide areas well. With a printed finish you’ll add flare and colour to whatever environment yuo decide to use the divider in.

Want Your Own Custom Divider?

Simply choose the divider size, quantity and then submit your design to us. Or give us a ring to help talk you through the process

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