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Everblock Walls

Everblocks are giant, sturdy lego blocks that are both configurable and modular. You can create walls, dividers, furniture and office cubicles with this amazing unique product and the best part is that you can re-use it again and again to create a new design or project altogether.

The average price of a 9'x7' wall is £1503.65, however if you need a doorway to allow light and people through your modular room they tend to cost approximately £1338.06 (9'x7')

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Everblock Qualities:

- Modular

- Highly Configurable

- Mix and match various colours

- Add in doors and/or windows

- 100% Customizable

- Reusable to make new objects again and again

- The buy back scheme enables us to buy back the blocks if you no longer need them

- Sustainable




Everpanels Movable Walls

Unlike Everblocks the Everpanels are bigger and require less pieces to put together a standard wall, saving time when constructing. The panels fit together easily with minimal effort and doesn't take many people to put a wall together.

Everpanels are perfect for shared apartments, dorm rooms, basements, offices, and to divide spaces for commercial use. Instead of using clunky "pressurised walls" that can damage your fixed walls, you can build beautiful Everpanel portable walls to separate living areas. 

A rough price for a 11'x 6' wall is £1117 (consists of 4 122cm x 122cm panels and 2 122 x 91cm panels + lugs)

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Everpanel Qualities

- Extremely quick and easy to build

- Modular

- Lockable doors

- Our buy back scheme allows us to buy back the panels and re-sell them as used second hand

- Wipeable and cleanable

- No tools needed

- Sleek and professional look

- Fits perfectly with Everblocks

- Add on your own custom graphics


360 Room Divider


360 Room Dividers, A Simple Space Solution

Our dividers are an affordable temporary walling solution with a huge variety to choose from that are all easy and efficient to put together. Make smaller spaces in a matter of minutes to divide your home office, school hall or in the workplace. The Room Divider 360 does all of that and so much more! To provide a private area for commercial events or large dining parties during special occasions, the acoustical fabric version of the portable panel is your go-to.

The price for our largest 360 room divider is around £2337 (2.29 x 7.62m divider in Polycarbonate)

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Divider Qualities:

- Portable and foldable

- Available in various materials

- Easy to move and store

- Great for parting large spaces

- Graphics can be added of your choice to the custom printed panels

- Polycarbonate panels are super easy to clean and are wipeable

- Modular and with little maintenance


Hush Panels


Keeping it Quiet, With Hush Panels

Wanting to kill two birds with one, stone by dividing a space but also reducing noise we have our HushPanels that, when properly placed around the workplace, can reduce any extra noises and sounds to help keep a calm and quiet environment.

Our Office Cubicle Kits are also a great way to give your workers a place of their own to work efficiently with minimal distractions, and gives them the choice of whether they wish to work with others at the hub of the office or by themselves.

Ave price of our largest U shape Hush Panel cubicle - £1248 (including windows)

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Hush Panel Qualities:

- Sound reducing

- Available an various colours, shapes and sizes

- Create workstation cubicles

- Modular

- Add in windows

- A semi permanent solution to divide a space

- Easy to configure

We have a number of available accessories such as electrics threaded through and whiteboard attachments