Acoustic Sound Panels


How Do Acoustic Panels Help?

Improving Student Focus

What are Acoustic Panels?

The Acoustic panels are sound-absorbing panels that can be installed anywhere to greatly reduce noise and ambient sounds, the more you have the more sound that is reduced. With life moving on so are the ways people work and their environments, although the need for focus stays the same, our sound panes can help keep your workers focused and determined.

Dampen sound stylishly

Reduce Office Noise

Bustling offices can generate a lot of noise, especially in open office spaces or restored warehouses. However you can solve that by installing our panels, whether they be hanging, wall mounted or desktop they can contribute to absorbing unwanted sounds for those hard at work.

Allow employees to focus in a quieter environment - our large variety of colour choices allow these acoustic panels to integrate efficiently and effectively in offices large and small with the colours keeping the workplace nice and bright.

Sound Panels for Studios

Have a recording or rehearsal studio? Whatever the scope of your project our sound panels can help improve your recordings by cutting down echos and room reverberations as well as helping your recordings sound better.

We take pride in working with businesses and homeowners who are looking for the optimal way to reduce the extra sound in their rooms, offices or sound booths, by showing them the panels they can find an effective solution that can also be temporary if needed.