Where can I find Covid safe space solutions?

Where can I find Covid safe space solutions?

Ever since the start of the pandemic everyone has been looking for ways to get back to normal. That includes how we shop, how we interact with one another and how we are in the workplace.

Within the office and work environment we have to focus on keeping the most important thing safe, the people!

However, doing that can be an issue due to the decline in profits since many businesses don't have the money to spend money on unnecessary pleasures because of the changes the virus has made. So many companies aren't in a position where they can spend funds on permanent walling or dividers that not only take up time, but also don't allow for any future changes, reconfiguration and often don't utilise the space correctly.

Here at Dividers-Cubicles-Partitions have the solution. If you need a product in line with your disinfection/cleaning process the polycarbonate 360 divider would be the first choice, like the name suggests the panels are made out of polycarbonate and are highly hygienic and easy to clean. All 360 dividers come in bright colours like red, blue, green, yellow, but if you want a more professional look, colours black and opal are also available. However if you are looking for something completely clear, but still wipeable and can be properly sanitised, our Clearview range of dividers would be the way to go.

Even the small things we do are important, so by keeping the spread of germs down in the workplace by spacing out cubicles and dividing up employees  brings us one step closer to getting rid of Covid-19.

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