Solutions for Schools: Part 3 Extra Areas

Solutions for Schools: Part 3 Extra Areas

The first thing you have to do when looking for a divider is to consider its exact uses, however if you are not familiar with the products we provide you with some helpful ideas, to show you the limitless possibilities of our dividers and a few examples of what products would be best for each situation along the way. Despite many adults receiving vaccinations at this time, children aren't. As we know those of the younger generations are less susceptible to Covid-19, however, it doesn't mean that they are immune so we must take the necessary precautions within schools.

An area where we can make changes is in the corridors. Despite them already being cramped with students moving between lessons, it's even more important to make them safe during the pandemic. At Portable Dividers-Cubilces-Partitions we are here to help!

Our Clearview dividers are perfectly see through and can be stretched along corridors providing an efficient solution to keeping students more organised and more importantly, keeping them safe as much as we can. The Clearview dividers are also super easy to clean, simply use antibacterial wipes or a sponge and soap/disinfectant.

Staff Rooms
Since staff rooms are usually on the smaller size and are a place where many teachers collectively gather on their breaks as well as before and after school times, this could be a place that needs to change as well. As we know a lot of people in a small space is not ideal for the time we are living in currently, so why not take one staff room and make it into two! With our wide range of portable dividers we are confident that you will find the best possible divider for you on Our collections page.

Eating Areas
All schools have that one area where the students eat at lunchtime, once again the issue of everyone in one place comes into play. We have found that our Polycarbonate 360 Dividers are perfect for separating large groups of people efficiently as well as being easy to clean, maintain and adjust accordingly. To help dampen noise in canteens or lunch halls we provide sound absorbing dividers and tiles for your walls or ceilings, its simple things like these that makes the biggest difference.

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