Solutions for Schools: Part 1 Classrooms

Solutions for Schools: Part 1 Classrooms

The first thing you have to do when looking for a divider is to consider its exact uses, however if you are not familiar with the products we are here to provide you with some helpful ideas, to show you the limitless possibilities of our dividers and a few examples of what products would be best for each situation along the way.

Although a classroom may seem like such a small space already, you will actually be surprised at what a few cleverly thought out dividers can do!

You may have a space, like all classrooms do, at the back with books and a beanbag or two that you would like to portray as a quiet area. The reality is is that it is nothing more than an exposed corner, however you can change that by using our configurable Hush Panels to make for yourself a secluded and sound resistant area for students to take small breaks to relax and get away from their busy school lives. Some students release their built up energy and stress by going outside and being active at break time, but this doesn't work for everyone, many pupils may need a safe space to keep calm and unwind which proves to be very valuable to the student themselves in the long run.

On the same line of thought, as we all know when it is time to concentrate for a long span of time, there are the students that are somewhat louder and less focused than others which them distracts the remainder of the students. To help solve this problem why not divide the classroom and let the students pick what side they would like to be on so that those who prefer silence can feel comfortable and less distracted whereas those who thrive in a more chaotic environment can also get on with their work.

Now, this sounds easier said than done under normal circumstances, but with our high quality dividers this task can be done in seconds! Simply wheel in one of our 360 Room Divider (or more, depending on space and size) and put in place to quickly divide the space, or if you want an even more effective solution the Operable wall will seal off noise as well as visual distractions too, quickly pull out the wall mounted divider to full length, its as simple as that. (our operable walls can be custom built to size, within reason, to suit your needs)

If sound is the underlying issue our sound absorbing shapes and ceiling tiles will help to dampen sound around the classroom, the more you have the less sound there will be that isn't necessary for the students learning time.

We hope that this has helped you in your journey to finding the right divider for you and your school! For any questions call us at 0203 7959090

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