Solutions for Schools: Part 2 Halls & Gyms

Solutions for Schools: Part 2 Halls & Gyms

Despite many adults receiving vaccinations at this time, children aren't. As we know those of the younger generations are less susceptible to Covid-19, however, it doesn't mean that they are immune so we must take the necessary precautions within schools. The first thing you have to do when looking for a divider is to consider its exact uses, however if you are not familiar with the products we provide you with some helpful ideas, to show you the limitless possibilities of our dividers and a few examples of what products would be best for each situation along the way.

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Exam Halls
The time of the year that all students and teachers dread, EXAM SEASON! This time of year is stressful enough let alone during a worldwide pandemic, so exam hall set ups need to be adapted and changed to our new way of life.

However this is still a big feat with managing money, the amount of time it takes  and how easy the new rules are to put into place. Our dividers are the perfect solution for your space dividing problems, our partitions are completely modular, easy to manoeuvre and simple to set up! The best divider for exam situations is the Room Divider 360, it is one of our largest dividers and when multiple are strapped together they can create walls as long as you need. They also require minimum effort to take out and store away and when the exams are over they can also be used again and again with multiple uses around the school.

Gyms & Sports Halls
With large amounts of students being in one place at the same time when it comes to indoor sports, it can be challenging to determine what students belong to what teacher. How do you determine a barrier between the various sets of students?

With our Sliding Operable wall (that can be custom built to any size you require, within reason for your safety) you can simply pull out the wall mounted divider and easily half the gym and save your students from any further confusion or disturbances. It's a simple and effective solution that can be used time after time and is much more effective and adaptable than building a permanent and costly wall to separate the space.

Storage Space
All good sports need the correct equipment, as well as a place to store it. The same applies to tables, chairs and benches from exams or from lunch breaks. Some of the best dividers for the job are the QuickwallThe MP10 Economical Divider and the Sliding Straight Wall.

Since most of our dividers are extremely modular the can be moved and transported super easily, they can be folded and encased around spare equipment in an isolated corner to keep away from the general area or from cheeky students. 

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