How Can Our Dividers Be Used At Your Restaurant? Part 1

How Can Our Dividers Be Used At Your Restaurant? Part 1

Due to uncertain times, particularly now with the new variant, we are restricted with what we can and can't do in our day to day lives. All we can do is keep trying our best to be cautious and help keep the spread of germs down. Although most of us are vaccinated it is still better to be safe than sorry, this applies to eating out at restaurants.

What can we do at restaurant based events?
For a simple start, we can try to manage the numbers and the amount of people that our customer is willing to invite to their party/event, however if this isn't an option and you still have customers eating out that aren't a part of the event being held, you may want to separate them since all attendees have chosen to meet up at their own risk in a large group. But how can you divide the two? You can't simply escort everyone outside in an attempt to separate them, what if they want the atmosphere of the restaurant as well as privacy. Our polycarbonate or fabric 360 room dividers are perfect for situations like these!
The polycarbonate plastic is easy to clean, in case food or drink is spilled on them. Everyone wins! And although not a big change it will surely help more than you think.

Private Dining
Perhaps you are looking for something that would allow you to quickly and effectively create temporary private dining areas. This would prevent the possible spread between customers both in and outside of the private dining area. Why not create an effective solution using the Room Divider 360! The Room Divider 360 is the perfect choice for these circumstances because it can easily expand and be locked in place to divide an open room into multiple areas. It also helps to absorb sound, providing guests with the perfect dining experience. Since money is tight right now for most of us, we as a company can provide the solution you need while staying within your allocated budget. If the 360 is outside your given budget we have a selection of dividers in our economical range that are cheaper with their price but not with their quality.

 Interactions between customers and staff
To prevent unnecessary interactions between customers and staff with regards to the current situation, you need to think of ways to do this easily. This applies in catering jobs and normal in-house waitering. Some of our larger dividers provide an effective solution especially when out catering for an event since they allow employees to complete their jobs while hidden away from the client. The dividers can hide multiple carts and allow people to work behind them, to keep them, the client and the guests safe at the event. The same applies when there are interactions exchanged at the restaurant itself, waiters and waitresses are constantly moving around between tables taking orders, going to the kitchen and back again mixing with lots of people, wouldn't it be easier if everyone went to the counter to order to prevent an unnecessary spread of germs. Its as simple as purchasing one of our countertop screens! Put your screen or guard up on the counter top and ask everyone to order there one at a time.


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