Dividing Large Spaces the Smart Way

Dividing Large Spaces the Smart Way

Picture this....

You have just started your new business, so far you have designed your logo, you have got your business plan together and have some potential employees lined up eager to make you their new boss, and you have finally got your hands on a workspace to grow your business in. However, there is one problem. For work to go ahead efficiently one large open space won't do! That is where we come in, Dividers-Cubicles-Partitions have the right divider for every space, big or small.

Needs & Wants
Before you start looking for your divider/partition you first have to look at your space and work out the needs and wants of what you would like to achieve, especially with a particularly large open plan space. For example: you would need to work out the size and measurements of your space, so that you can pick the correct partition for you depending on how you would like to divide the space. If you want to stand out and go the extra mile you would want to perhaps find a divider that allows for printed graphics to add that extra bit of inspiration or colour across your workplace. Lastly, check to see if you need more than one divider, because sometimes one isn't enough for the environment you want to create for your employees.

What kind of work environment are you going to encourage. Will it be one that is calm and quiet, bright and friendly or open and inspirational. What mood you choose to create impacts what you look for in a divider. We have sound absorbing dividers for low sound spaces to help increase focus and productivity, as well as dividers that are see opaque to filter through sunlight, helping your office to stay light and creative. All of our dividers are available in various colours and materials so that everyone can find the right divider that suits them.

Since you're here, here are a few of our best selling products for larger spaces, and their qualities, to help set you on your way:

The Operable Wall - 
They are available in 5 colours
folding or sliding
wall mounted and on wheels for easy movability
an be as long as 5.9m and as high as 3.7m
easy storage simply fold away or slide away

The Room Divider 360 -
sizes from 2.5m long by 1.2m high up to 7.6m long by 2.2m high
available in polycarbonate, printed or plain and fabric
very mobile and modular
connect multiple together at a time for extended use,
easy storage simply fold away
cleanable & wipeable

Or if you really want to stand out, why not try our Everblocks!
Check out our Everblock page, click here!

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